Monday, September 15, 2014

ISP Nugget: Stage 15

One thing I love about modifying games is finding hidden stuff, no matter how miniscule or pointless. So, I'm also going to use this blog to discuss the neat things I find in ISP's data. First, I'm going to cover Stage 15, because it's mere existence caused so many problems when I started digging into the board format.

This is Stage15's HEADER section. In BOOT.BIN, it is located from 0x310448 to 0x31048B.  A HEADER section contains some basic variables for the stage such as number of spaces, stage name, etc. and pointers to actual board setup. Upon inspection of this stage, I found that its name is チュートリアル ("Tutorial"). It's the stage used in Quistis' tutorial!

However, some things differ between this stage and Tantegel:
-Area Names are scrambled about.
-Shop Names are scrambled about.
-The Chance Card Deck is completely different.
-The stage apparently has one less space.
-The spaces are all defined in a different order.
So, despite looking exactly like Tantegel, it is internally different. Interesting...

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