Sunday, September 14, 2014

Project: FEAMR - Fire Emblem: Awakening Marriage Randomizer

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that the program does not perform special class inheritances properly. For example: Donnel and Gaius do not show as passing down the Pegasus Knight class to their daughters. I am currently fixing the problem, but everything else the program does should be functioning just fine.

I am addicted to this game. I need help. But for now, every time I play through it I want to play differently. So I've tried the existing Marriage Randomizer, but there's one problem: it doesn't support 2nd Gen. No problem! I'll whip something up in Game Maker 7 real quick. (Not only is GML not a real programming language, I'm using a horribly outdated version! Bonus points!) But, it didn't end there. Out of boredom, I gave it an interface. Then I added pretty little options to customize the way it randomizes, then the .mms format to import/export settings, exporting to .txt file so I could bring up my matches on my phone. Then, I went the extra six miles and made the program calculate and display the resulting children: the skills they can inherit/learn, their growth rates, and their stat modifiers. I believe it's pretty simple to use, but I made the stupid thing.

A basic rundown of what the program does:
-Randomizes Marriage assignments for 1st and 2nd Gen characters.
-Set Marriage Allowances. (Maybe you don't want Stahl to ever marry Nowi. You can do that.)
-Force Marriages. (If you want the MU to always marry a certain character, for example.)
-Display statistics of the resulting children. (Available skills, stat growths, and stat modifiers.)
-Export all of this information to a convenient .txt file!
-Display badly cropped official artwork!

 For those interested in the program, you can download it here.

If something happened to your MARRIAGE.MMS file or you just want a fresh one, you can download one here.

More screenies here:
Virion, Kellam, and Gaius can no longer marry Sully.
Morgan's got a nice MAG modifier.
Chrom x Maiden, Vaike x Sully, and Fred x Sumia.

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